Open programmes

Centaur open programmes offer two levels of engagement with the model:

1) Sources of Authentic Leadership (SOAL)

The unexamined life is not worth living…

For executives who are intent on becoming inspirational leaders, Sources of Authentic Leadership (SOAL) provides a comprehensive introduction to the Centaur model.

It is designed to stimulate individuals looking to identify a personal style that will elevate their own and their teams’ performance from effective to exceptional. The programme proposes that there is more to you than you think and provides a grounded and practical approach to liberating untapped capacity for leadership.

This first stage introduction to Centaur is delivered in an energetic and interactive learning environment using maps and models to help identify undiscovered inner resource. Delegates will learn from the experiences of other business leaders facing similar challenges, crises and opportunities.

How will delegates benefit from this programme?

  • excited awareness of their own unique ‘spark’ and personal assets
  • ability to read the inner attitudes of others at a glance
  • increased impact and effectiveness
  • consciousness of what develops good working relationships
  • how to inspire and motivate
  • a precise ‘roadmap’ for ongoing self-development.

2) Ethical Politics in Corporate Culture (EPICC)

All that is necessary for evil to thrive is for good men to do nothing…

This is a ground-breaking programme designed to help aspiring leaders to enter the political space at work with integrity, confidence and authenticity.

Ethical Politics in Corporate Culture (EPICC) is intended for those already familiar with the Centaur model, who want to explore its application at a second level of engagement. As familiarity with the Centaur approach is a prerequisite for the learning on this programme, all delegates will previously have attended ‘Sources Of Authentic Leadership’ or an equivalent Centaur programme.

The premise of EPICC challenges popular misconceptions held by naturally ethical individuals towards engagement with the political domain at work.

We have found that two well-meant but limiting attitudes hinder naturally ethical individuals from stepping into the strategic domain. These are: ‘Politics is morally wrong. It rots your soul’ and ‘Politics is a waste of time, I just want to get on with the job.’

If either of these strikes a chord, ‘Ethical Politics in Corporate Culture’ is the programme for you!

These attitudes rob us of the leaders we need in positions of power and influence in corporate life.

Attitude change and increased consciousness are the twin goals of Ethical Politics in Corporate Culture.

EPICC helps good people learn to operate effectively and gracefully within the complex and strategic arenas of organisational life.

Theory will be grounded in practice on this programme through reference to film, current events and application of principles to real-life case studies provided by delegates.

How will delegates benefit from this programme?

  • emerge with a thoughtful perspective on their true value to the organisation
  • gain the foundation of a wholesome work ethic and sense of fulfilment
  • learn specific strategies for dealing with individuals who play an unethical political ‘game’
  • acquire a new sense of purpose, focus and direction.