Andy Logan

Andy Logan BA MA

Andy’s clients include multi-national corporations, public sector organisations – from NGOs to government departments and aid agencies – and family businesses, across Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and the USA.

Initially a Research Fellow and Officer in Management Learning and Development at Manchester Polytechnic in the l980s, Andy went on to become a Senior Lecturer in Organisational Psychology. This academic basis was augmented by extensive training in psychotherapy and, most recently, in C-suite high performance leadership mentoring. In the l990s with Sandy Cotter, Andy became a founding director of the Praxis Centre at Cranfield School of Management. He has worked with and contributed to the Centaur model for 25 years.

Andy’s particular interest across the breadth of his psychology and coaching career is in the process of transformation. He brings insights from a broad array of perspectives including the science of brain development and the historical wisdom traditions of the world. He looks to develop leaders who are not only emotional and intellectually literate but also capable of working with the higher orders of intuition and inspiration. Whether he is working with individuals, teams or entire organisations, Andy encourages clients to engage with the totality of their mind, spirit, body, culture, structure and highest state of being.