Nicola Payne BSc MA

Nicola Payne is a mid-career coach helping frustrated professionals turn work from something they do into something they love. She spent 20 years working for big brands in a variety of sectors and in her most recent role at Visa as an HR Director & Coach, she operated as part of senior management teams, led complex change programmes, coached and advised leaders and mentored loads of people coming up through the ranks.

All of this means she gets how things really work in the corporate world and understands just how challenging it can be – the constant pressure to do more, the different personalities and of course the political undercurrents usually at play and she credits Centaur as being the most useful model in her corporate career.

Nicola also saw how often people good people get stuck in mid career – wondering “is this it?” They stagnate, feeling increasingly miserable and powerless to have the big impact they want – wasting talent, time and money. Nicola now works as a certified coach blending all of her HR skills, Neuroscience, Conversational Intelligence and of course, Centaur, to help clients get the results they long for. She’s big on integrity and relationships and helps create win/win solutions as she firmly believes this is when the magic happens for individuals and organisations.