The Centaur Model of Leadership and Personal Development has been changing lives for three decades. 

Its contemporary values resonate powerfully across leadership teams owing to Centaur’s striking relevance to current political and ethical challenges at the centre of the corporate world and public life.

This model for life-long learning transforms talented managers into inspirational leaders. First it helps them to identify their inner authenticity: the source of true, effective leadership. Then the Centaur process enables them to shake off habitual beliefs and behaviours that limit their potential.

In addition, the Centaur model provides unique insight into others which has been described as; “a totally ethical, unfair advantage”.

Centaur learning will give you immediate access to the thinking styles and attitudes of those around you so that you know at a glance how best to manage, influence and inspire any colleague, client or member of the board.

Centaur delegates describe a step change in personal presence and influencing skills after each of the programmes.