What is Centaur?

Imagine this scenario: within twenty seconds of first meeting someone, you are able to anticipate how they think, how to reach them and how best to manage them. You can then shape a relational style that leads to a good outcome.

This is the Centaur gift.

The Centaur model poses the idea that we live our lives at only a fraction of our true potential. Your Centaur journey begins with life-changing insight into your way of presenting yourself to the world. As you begin the Centaur process, you are on course to fulfil your unique potential and live a larger life.

Centaur blends an optimistic belief in human value with the insights of depth psychology and the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Together they provide a practical and inspirational framework for leadership development.

Centaur teaches you how to access your original ethical ‘spark’ within so that your authentic self may be lived to the full.

This unique and powerful model then helps you to develop the singular skill of discerning the inner attitudes of others at a glance from readable patterns of muscular tension within the body. This is the ‘body-mind connection’.

From this moment life will change for you.