Centaur’s five personality types – a snapshot

In the late 20th century, psychologist Alexander Lowen identified five body-mind (Bioenergetic) personality types. These inform the most practical aspect of the Centaur approach.

Your Centaur journey maps these five discrete personality types adapted for corporate life.

This Centaur mind-body connection helps you to identify each of the types from key physical characteristics which mirror aspects of their personality and disposition. Each type requires a markedly different approach.

The model teaches you how to recognise, influence and inspire each personality type – giving you that ‘totally ethical unfair advantage’.

The Heroes (Warrior and Huntress)
Noted for high energy, ambition and fair play, this type insists on rigorous preparation and favours logical, articulated thinking. They thrive on challenge and are highly-motivated to succeed.

The Guardians (Good Fathers and Earth Mothers)
This type is grounded in warmth, pragmatism and generosity. They focus on people concerns as well as the task. Guardians, as their name suggests, are capable and genuinely care about people and often ‘parent’ their teams.

The Superheroes (Wonder Women and Superman)
Noted for their dynamic charisma, Superman and Wonder Woman are a highly ambitious type and are often found in leadership position. They have an opportunistic flair and a great love of ‘saving the day’!

The Romantics (Damsels and Poets)
Noted for bright minds, sensitivity and openness, these graceful and social individuals can be a key asset to a team forging valuable relationships with clients, charming difficult situations into successful outcomes.

The Magicals (Sprites and Wizards)
Noted for creativity and integrity, these individuals are often perfectionists and can become deeply preoccupied with the purity of their work. Their creative contributions are often the making of a team/project/corporation.

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