The Centaur Leadership Pathway

This programme provides the opportunity for extended Centaur learning, supported by both personal mentoring and participation in a small ongoing resource groups of fellow Centaur delegates.

Centaur Leadership Pathway (CLP) offers a specially-crafted development experience for delegates in this enriched learning context across a period of 9-12 months of dedicated tuition.
Delegates’ schedule comprises the following:

  • Immersion in both the initial (Sources of Authentic Leadership, SOAL) and second stage (Ethical Politics In Corporate Culture, EPICC) Centaur programmes
  • Regular coaching sessions to apply the Centaur concepts at work over an extended 9-12 month period
  • Participation in dedicated, individually-selected sessions with fellow Centaur delegates facing similar challenges.

In addition to ongoing support and critique, these meetings extend further opportunities for powerful personal development work via the acclaimed Pesso Boyden (PBSP) approach. This module robustly addresses unconscious and limiting attitudes which foreclose leadership potential.

The outcome will be marked advance in leadership confidence and effectiveness.