Training to become a Centaur coach

This programme is designed for professional management development coaches seeking to enhance their skills further with state-of-the-art learning tools.

The Centaur approach helps to accelerate their ability to identify their clients’ core issues and move confidently to an effective support programme. An appreciation of the fundamental principles of Centaur will enrich a coach’s understanding of their clients and ensure renewed confidence in a lasting relationship of mutual trust.

Programme outline:

  1. Classroom Teaching focusing on the Centaur approach and its roots in the history of psychology and neuroscience.
    The Body-Mind Focus. Centaur brings this powerful diagnostic schema to the psychologically robust arena of corporate life.
    The Transpersonal Psychology of C G Jung is discussed and traced to its deepest roots in the Perennial Philosophy with its inspiring stance on human potential.
  2. Interactive Personal Development will arise out of an understanding of the 5 Centaur personality types shared with group members, promoting emotional intelligence and coaching confidence
  3. Physical Bioenergetic Sessions will illustrate, in a concrete manner, the dynamics at the core of personality structure and provide practical metaphors for coaching situations
  4. Skills Practice gleaned through reported cases from delegates and homework via movie case studies will enable delegates to refine their attunement skills and deepen their grasp of human development
  5. Personal Journalling will provide an opportunity to integrate theory, experience and personal epiphany in a single document.


A certificate is awarded on passing a skills and content assessment involving;

  • A practical examination of Centaur personality reading skills
  • Presentation of a case study within the Centaur context.